What Are Some Of The Health Effects Of Soda?

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Every year, Americans guzzle down billions of gallons of soda. Soda is clearly one of the most popular beverage choices, but it is important for people to be cognizant of the fact that sodas do a lot more harm than good. Sodas are extremely high in sugar. Sugar mixes with plaque to form a bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Therefore, excessive soda drinking can lead to tooth decay. Not only can soda cause tooth decay, but it can also damage the enamel because of its high acid content.

There have been a number of studies done where a tooth has been placed in soda and left there overnight. The results of the studies have all shown that the soda caused significant damage to the tooth enamel. It is important to note that diet sodas are no better than regular sodas. Diet sodas do not contain any sugar, but they are still very acidic.

Obesity is another one of the potential health effects of soda.  The number of obese people in America has increased at an alarming rate over the past couple of decades. Sodas are high in calories, but they are lacking in many of the essential nutrients that people need to stay healthy.

Studies have shown that people who drink sodas every day are more likely to be obese. Even though sodas can contribute to obesity, it is important to note that there are other factors that can cause a person to become obese. Some of those factors include a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and genetic.

Drinking soda can also weaken the bones. Soda reduces the amount of calcium in the bones. Calcium is the nutrient that helps keep the bones strong. That is why people who drink sodas are at an increased risk for breaking a bone.

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