Types Of Beer

Beer is among the highest consumed alcoholic beverages across the world. People of different works of life enjoy their beer in different types and style. These people, all have different stories to tell about the types and particularly the style of beer that they take depending on their age and where they come from. A beer is often identified by a number of factors. This may include where and what the beer is brewed from, the style of brewing and the type of yeast used to ferment it. Typically, there are many types and style of beers although the two major types are; ales and lagers.


Ales are made from top fermenting yeast and are often mild. The word ale is derived from a German word that means old or aged. They are brewed using yeast known as ales. This beer is meant for an individual who enjoys a complicated but tasty beer. It brews easily and is a favorite for many home brewers across the globe.

Like wine, specifically red wine, ales are best served at warmer room temperature. This allows the individual drinking the beer to have a better taste of its intense flavor. Ales have varying tastes depending on the brewing style and period and ingredients added during the fermentation period

Within this category of beer, there are other types or flavors that may include, brown, cream, mild, pale India pale ale, among many other types of ales beer. In Europe, there are two most commonly brewed and distinctively tasty beer; the Lambic from Belgium and the Sahti from Finland.


The word lager comes from the word, ferment or German word that means storage. The name lager is also derived from yeast by the same name. They are the most popular beers consumed by a large number of beer lovers across the world. If you want to differentiate ales from lagers, you must taste both of them. Lagers are much smoother and are always served at cooler temperature. It is similarly preferred by home brewers and companies.

Although ales and lagers are the two common types of beer, it is noteworthy that different manufacturing companies have tried to improve the taste and nature of their beer. This has brought about the making of more sophisticated beer. It is also essential to know that the type of beer may also be identified by the ingredient used to make it. These are; hops barley, wheat yeast and water.

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