The Facts Of Beer And Diet

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The term “beer gut” is quite ingrained into our society, so much so that many people think that all beer is unhealthy and that abstaining from drinking will result in a better lifestyle.  To some degree this is true since, just as with many other diet choices, too much of any one thing will be harmful.  Choosing certain beer and diet plans, however, as a moderate indulgence do no harm and can be beneficial to losing or maintaining body weight. If weight management is where you struggle try Green Coffee Bean Extract to try and boost your metabolism and help shed the unwanted beer gut.

Since beer is brewed from cereal grains (wheat, rice, and barley), it contains the same nutrition that you would find from breads and pastas made with the same material.  The calorie content of most beers is fairly high, coming in at between two and four hundred calories per serving.  This means that a single bottle can be the equivalent of eating an entire baked potato.  Substitute carbohydrates in your meal for a beer if you want a balanced diet, by holding off on starchy meal additions in favor of a cold one.  Light beers are marketed as having fewer calories, so those watching their intake can switch to light beer to enjoy more than one or two drinks.  This beer, however, is made from simple carbs, meaning that it negates the health advantages that richer beers offer with complex carbohydrates.

Beer has some advantages towards healthy lifestyles.  Since the alcohol within beer is the most compact form of energy that humans can metabolize, it provides (nearly instantly) enough energy to perform physical activities.  This energy is counteracted by the actual weight of the beer itself as well as the other effects of alcohol in your system.  This means that you should never drink a beer before working out, but in the cool down after a workout it can help get the necessary energy to your muscles faster for better regeneration.

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